El Song Capitanos & Magnificent Bastard

The EP is done and it’ll be out soon! I’ve said this a bunch elsewhere, but the delays are purely down to how life pans out and other commitments (jobs, other bands).

I’m not letting that stop progress though. Pressing on, I’ve been working on the second and third EPs and they’re taking good form. Got a whole bunch of ideas and I’ve compiled the acoustic demos into a collection called The Last Boy Scout on soundcloud.


I’ll likely dump more scraps in there as time progresses.


In other news – and this is possibly going to confuse things somewhat – but the same songs are also a part of a split acoustic release I’m doing with El Song Capitanos (my good pal Jeffels – above) and we’re putting the short songs together as a release in “Notes”. These acoustic tracks can all be downloaded for free right here


Oh! On Sunday I’m heading away to the middle of nowhere with my other band Closet Organ, and we’re gonna be recording an album we’ve been working on the past few months…

Closet logo (web).jpg

Exciting times ahead.


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